Fake News ALERT!

Teaching Students to Identify Fake News Online

Fake News Lesson - April 2017

During the month of April, we had the opportunity to collaborate with an English teacher and her 12th grade students on a lesson about identifying fake news. In our current culture, many students get their information via social media or through other online venues. A recent study done in late 2016 showed that many students were not able to tell the difference between what is real and what is fake in online news stories. This lesson was designed to give students the necessary skills to get accurate information in this fast-paced, online world.

Video and Checklist

A great video done by the Washington Post shows how one can identify fake news online. Students watched the video and discussed the information with a peer.

Next, students were given a checklist that walked them through what to look for when trying to determine if news is fact or fiction. They used the checklist while reading three articles provided by the librarians.

Finally, students completed a 3-2-1 exit ticket.