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September 11th

About September 11th

September 11th is a very important day but a really upseting day. On the day of 9/11 so many innocent people died. Nobody knew that some of the planes were hijacked. Even though plenty of people died many citizens were saved. Most people were saved by people they didn't even know. How great is that how kind people can be even to people they don't even know. If you want to know more about a more specific story scroll down a bit and read some more about September 11th.

Hero's of 9/11

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On the day of September 11th people were going through many things this is the story of what was happening in the Pentagon. The air was dense because of the smoke Lieutenant Colonel Victor Correa of the United States Army could barely breathe. He could not see but he was not ready to leave he knew that the building wasn't cleared of any people in it. Some workers were so scared that they would not move and they were still hiding under their desks. The others were crying,screaming,or in major panic. Then after a couple of seconds he yelled in a convincing voice "If you can hear my voice,come toward me! I can lead you out! There's a way out of here! I can help you!" On the second-floor office in the E Ring he watched replays of the jetliners smash into the Twin Towers. He went to the desk to talk to his colleague, Major John Jessup. They hadn't known that American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked it had just crashed ino the west side of the Pentagon before he knew what was happening. Just then the smoke got so bad that he was on his hands and knees just to breathe. He started to look around to see if anyone was near by that he could see. Then he spotted Lieutenant Colonel Brian Birdwell on the ground laying there. Correa ran over to help with some others they made a human hammock. Their exit was blocked by a fire door that automatically closed off the area to block the smoke and flames. It got so difficult to breathe that they took off their shirts soaked them in water and tied them around their necks and mouths. Then once again he shouted "Follow my voice! I know a way out!" Nobody came then he was joined by a group of rescuers. He wanted to stay but the flames were to powerful so they drove him back out. He and his co-workers tried to help in anyway they could. Later on in the afternoon a general came and told him it was time for him to go he didn't want to but he did. Civilians were considered dead or missing. It was all over though and that what matters.
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My name is Chakara. I picked this picture of a pit bull puppy because I love pit bulls.