Wooden Hockey Sticks

The Original Hockey Stick

Wooden Sticks v. Composite Sticks

Wooden hockey sticks are becoming more and more popular nowadays for both professional, as well as amateur hockey players alike, rather than composite hockey sticks. All of them are making the decision of trading their high-tech, graphically-appealing, and expensive composite sticks for a simple and modern wooden hockey stick. One of the many reasons wooden hockey sticks are becoming more common, is because of their accessibility. Wooden hockey sticks cost a quarter of the price of composite sticks; only $30-50, and they are just as durable and light as the composite type. They give the same performance, and actually gives you a better fell for the puck on your stick too! For just $30-50, everybody can now afford the best stick out there and not just professional players, as it was with composite sticks. It is no wonder why hockey's all-time greats, such as Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky all used wooden hockey sticks and encourage others to do the same. For just a small purchase of $30-50, you can have it all: the fame, the glory, the money, and so much more! A wooden hockey stick will allow you to be like Wayne Gretzky, a person who is idolized by many and carved his name into the history of hockey forever by being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Don't be like those conceited, snobby, spoiled, rich kids who must have their hands on the best equipment, which is only going to be used for show and tell, and not to enjoy and play the game. Play hockey how it is meant to be played, on the frozen pond in your backyard, with your wooden stick; and the fresh, cold air whipping across your face, as you speed across the ice with the puck on your stick. So hurry up and purchase your very own wooden hockey, because if you don't, you must not love hockey and you are one of those spoiled, rich, ungrateful kids. Trust me... you won't be disappointed. Don't you wish to be like so many other kids that are living the same dream you are. If you do then get your wooden hockey stick now!

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