San Antonio

Caleb Engelbrecht


San Antonio is a great place to visit with wonderful attractions.The Alamo is one of the greastest artifacts of texas history.As well as The Tower of America's and The Alamo Dome.

The Alamo

The Alamo

The Alamo was an amazing place more many events.The Alamo was originally known as San Antonio De Valero and was a former Chatholic church.Also a fortress compound and was the site of the famous battle Battle of The Alamo.It's amazing when you walk into the Alamo and you can feel the ghost heros of the past.

The Tower of America's

Elevating up to the top of the tower was a great experiance.It was awesome the way the tower felt as your going hundreds of feet in the air.I thought i was floating of the ground.Once you reach the top is the good part.When you sit down in the fanciest dinner i've ever seen and been to.People love how they feel while their in the dinner.They have the nicest staff youll ever meet.The decore is really pretty and the food is amazing.


In conclusion San Antonio is a great place to visit.From their fine schools,good food,and fun family areas.From learning about history about The Alamo and having a fine meal at The Tower of America's with a great view.