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June 2015

June 2015 At A Glance

June 1st- 10:30am, Kindergarten Musical Performance in the MPR

June 2nd- 5th Grade Tech Challenge in the MPR

Mrs. McCann's class to Sanchez Adobe

June 3rd- Mrs. Pappas's Class to Sanchez Adobe

1st Grade to Elkus Ranch

1pm Crocker Symphonic Band Assembly

June 4th- Mr. Flores's class to Sanchez Adobe

12:45-4:30 Instrumental Music Rehearsal in the MPR

June 5th- 3rd Grade Arcade in the MPR

1:30-2:30 5th Grade Visits Crocker

June 8th- 1pm Talent Show in the MPR

June 9th- 8:15am Parent Volunteer Tea and Parent Group Meeting

10:30am Families

June 10th- 10:30am, Band Concert in the MPR

12:45pm, Mathletics Awards in the MPR


12pm, 5th Grade Field Day

12:45-2:45, 1st Grade Field Day


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Have a Great Summer!! :-)

Have a Great Summer

It is hard to believe that the 2014-2015 school year has come to an end. I had a wonderful year with all of your children at West. I hope that you all have a fantastic summer full of relaxation, play and time spent with family!

The first day of the 2015-2016 school year is Monday, August 24th.

See you in August!

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So You’re Just Not A “Role Play” Person?

The Power of Role Play

One of the most important and frequent tools I utilize as a school counselor is the power of role play.

The video shown above is from Girls Leadership. The Girls Leadership website says:

If you wanted to learn how to ride a bike or roast a chicken, what would you do?Watch a video or read a book? Sure, maybe at first. But then you’d need to try it yourself. You wouldn’t expect to do it perfectly the first time. You know you’d have to practice in order to improve your new skill.

The same is true for people and conflict. Most of the girls we encounter avoid conflict or speaking up because they are terrified of losing their relationships. It is impossible to become any good something we don’t practice (see chicken roasting above). But if we can re-frame conflict not as the end of the relationship, but an opportunity to grow and change in the relationship, then there is a reason to practice. And there is one way to practice both the “what” and the “how” of communication – role play.

Role play allows us to learn and try out a new set of skills: choosing the right time and place for the conversation; selecting the right words; speaking in a strong, calm tone of voice; using eye contact and body language; and listening.

Soul Shoppe - The iMessage - Grades K-1

I Feel, I Need

Are your children fighting while in a car trip on your way to vacation?

Is your child frustrated with you and throwing a tantrum?

Don't forget about the tool from our Soul Shoppe assembly in February-

I Feel...

I Need...

I utilize the "I feel, I need" at West to help students express their feelings and solve their problems. Here's a tip- "I feel, I need" can be used as a role playing scenario as well. It can be practiced preemptively so that the next time a conflict arrives, your child will feel more comfortable using the "I feel, I need" tool.

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