January Newsletter

Mrs. Butler's Kindergarten Class

Skills for January

Reading/Language Arts

Letters/Sounds: Hh, Ee, Ff, Rr, Bb, Ll

Sight Words: my, are, with, he, is, little

Making Connections Within a Text

Main Idea and Key Details




Syllables/Characters/Main Events


Addition and Subtraction

Rote Counting

Representing Numbers up to 20

Measurement and Data

Science/Social Studies

Wood and Paper Science Kit/Happy New Year

Wood and Paper Science Kit/Seasonal Changes (Winter)/Martin Luther King Day

Wood and Paper Science Kit/Arctic Animals: Create an animal habitat

Wood and Paper Science Kit/The Four Seasons

Studies Weekly

Homework Folders

The front cover has been updated with the nightly skills individualized for your child that I would like for your child to work on. A list of this 9 weeks sight words have also been added. Please practice these skills nightly.

We are in need of crayons, glue sticks, and construction paper

A new schedule was sent home and will be uploaded to the class web page.

Thank you for all you do!