The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Christopher Kielty


Walter Mitty's characterization is defined throughout the story by the author's text structure.

Claim 1

One of walter's characterization is that walter is a victim. Walter is not respected by the character of the story. Another detail showing he is a victim is in the beginnig Walter is to shy to stand up for himself when someone picks on him.
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Claim 2

Next Characterization is showing how Walter Mitty is insecure. When the garage man ask for the keys, Walter is at first shocked then in a low voice says "oh". Proving he is insecure about himself. The Characterization is proven again, is when a lady on the streets laughs at something he said so he runs off, embarrassed.
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Claim 3

The last characterization is Walter has alot of imagination. One example is he has numerous day dreams throughout the story. His daydream makes him different and more imaginative because almost every single time something comes up he has a daydream about it. Most of the time Walter is the hero or most important person in his day dreams.
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Throughout the story examples of Walter Mitty's characterization is shown by the writer.