ADD and What It Is

Blake Limesand

What is Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD thought is considered the outdated term is a mental disorder in which the person experiences hyperactive spikes and very energetic behavior. ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is most common in children and is thought to effect over 6.4 million people. ADHD is something that often goes away with age bit might stay with the person their whole life. In sever cases medicine will be prescribed.

Signs and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

Any child can be fidgety or have trouble paying attention but a child with ADHD has it to an extended so they can become a distraction at home or in the classroom. The symptoms are inattention: hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Gender Differences in ADHD

ADHD is more likely to affect boys than girls their is no explanation to why that is.

Risk Factors in ADHD

ADHD doesn't have any risk factors because it doesn't affect the persone to much and they will usually grow out of it. The only thing related to risks is a lack of learning and listening in school.

Importance for Early Intervention

Their is no way to prevent ADHD but if a child starts showing signs of ADHD then you should see a medical professional.


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