My Poems


Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Yesterday, seemed like a horror movie. I was too young to ride any roller coaster rides. It felt like my leg was broken. I was filled with anger and the frustration.

Today, I feel like I can ride almost any roller coaster ride there is. I would never have imagined how entertaining it could be. It has knocked my socks off!

Tomorrow, will be the best, I will soon get to ride the most delightful rides. The biggest, the tallest, and the fastest! Although you can't rush it, you will have to let tomorrow come.

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Thanksgiving Alliteration

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks.

Our family fills their plates with fine food.

Pumpkin pies and pecan pies are plenty.

Be thankful for thanksgiving.

Tom the Turkey, our pet, is thankful he's not on the table.

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Ode to Christmas

Christmas is that time of year,

When people act really nice

And are full of cheer.

It's got Santa jumping on roofs with toys

Through the fireplaces he goes

Without making any noise.

Children are filled with lots of joy

Opening what Santa brought

Their presents and toys.

Christmas is a delightful day!

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