News from the Principal's Office

A&M Consolidated High School

Preparations for the Spring Semester

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed your winter break. May we have a renewed sense of purpose and passion to help ALL students strive for greatness. I have pondered on numerous educational ideologies from the first semester, and I am so appreciative to you for your willingness to incorporate instructional practices to help our students excel. Indeed, I am hopeful for the opportunities that are in store for AMCHS in 2016.

As we prepare for the spring semester, let us continue to be the best school that we can be. We were successful in multiple areas last semester. Yet, there is always a higher pinnacle that we can aspire to attain. I challenge each of you to step out of you comfort zone and incorporate at least one research-based strategy, idea, or lesson that you have been yearning to implement, explore an area that needs strengthening , or develop a relationship with your most challenging student . Get ready for your landmark moment and make it happen.

In 2016, let’s strive to be supreme!

General Reminders:

  • Students who arrive to class must have an admit, a tardy ticket, or a pass
  • Monitor students in the halls between each passing period
  • Pick up Success Time passes before Success
  • Success Time teachers should not write passes for students during Success
  • Report to your scheduled 504/SPED meetings when invited
  • Students who arrive late to ISS or who are absent will be required to makeup their missed time
  • Voice Mail Greetings (please update if needed)


Upcoming Events:

1/5 Second Semester begins--Grades due by 4:00 pm

1/7 Faculty meeting

1/21-1/22 Southern Association of Accredited Schools Accreditation meeting

A&M Consolidated High School

Mission Statement
To educate the hearts and minds of students for life.

Vision Statement
AMCHS is dedicated to educating and empowering students to become confident, resourceful, lifelong learners who are prepared for challenges beyond high school. Students of AMCHS will know the value of giving more than they take, will be responsible for their own actions, and will know that they are an important part of our school community.