Pathways Summer Scholars

S'more good news!


Our parents are talking and so are the students! Listen

My children are enjoying the summer scholars’ program so much. Thank you all for everything you do. They want to come back every day.

Thank you to the staff of the summer scholars’ program for helping my children love science.

This is a comment from a student, "I love this. I think I am becoming a nerd".

Each grade level at Pathways Elementary Summer Scholar program gave us a glimpse into whats happening in their classrooms. CHECK IT OUT.


Our pick ups and drop offs are going very smooth! Parents we appreciate you understanding why we have limited the check out window to anytime before 4:20 pm. When we all work together for the good of our students there isn't anything we can't get accomplished. Kudos to you all for your assistance.

Let's celebrate a summer well spent! Session 1 Spirit Week!

SPIRIT WEEK June 28-July 1st

SPIRIT WEEK is happening throughout the district this week. So why not join our OCS family. The grade level that shows the most spirit will get a little surprise.

Monday: Wear your favorite team shirt

Tuesday: Twin Day! Dress like a friend

Wednesday: Color day, everyone please wear Orange or Blue for OCS!

Thursday: Book Character DAY!

Kindergarten-Rising 1st graders

Rising 1st graders have been building our classroom community and what we know about each other. We have been working on learning about light, shadows and rainbows. We have also been investigating the process of pollination. We are learning about the main idea is in a book and how to determine what details support the main idea.

In our enrichment classes students explored a variety of materials like toilet paper, tissue paper, aluminum foil, cardboard, plastic wrap, etc. We used a flashlight to see which materials let light through and which materials did not let light through. We sorted the items. We used what we learned to create a sun umbrella to help block the sun. We used a light sensor to test our sun umbrellas. Students are challenged to the ice cube challenge. Put 1 ice cube in the sun and the other under your sun umbrella. Which will melt first? Why?

1st grade-Rising 2nd grade

1st grade has been learning about light and shadows during literacy this week. They have learned strategies to help remember the text; sketching a picture to summarize, jotting notes while reading a book, and looking at the pictures to better understand the topic.

In our enrichment classes the students are learning about engineering, science, experiments, and coding.

Big picture

2nd grade-Rising 3rd grade

Second graders are having a great time in Summer Scholars! Our students have built great caring and learning classroom communities. This week our students are learning about the main idea and supporting details in text. Students are enjoying morning meetings where they get to share something about themselves, which helps students get to know each other and build stronger relationships. We are practicing our reading and math fluency each day! Please encourage your child to read a book or online book each night. Our students are excited about being introduced to our new phonics program, Heggerty! We have learned about engineers, how light works, coding and pollination! In our STEM groups we have engineered bridges, cup towers and hand pollinators.

3rd grade-Rising 4th grade

Third Grade students are off to a GREAT start in the Summer Scholars Camp! Our morning goes by rather quickly (You know what they say,... “Time Flies when you are having FUN!”) as we start with our Morning Meetings centering around discussions that enhance our classroom community. Then we move into our word work with a new program titled From Phonics to Reading. Students also look forward to daily read alouds, independent and partner reading, guided reading groups, and writing. Right before lunch, we brush up on our math skills with daily math talks and problem solving. The afternoon enrichment includes coding systems, building prototypes, circuit building and SO much more! Stay tuned for MORE phenomenal projects!

4th grade-Rising 5th grade

In ELA for 4th grade, we are reading an interactive read aloud that the students are enjoying. We have zoomed in on key comprehension strategies and engaged in discussions

related to the book. We have identified key areas to focus on during word study and have provided interactive activities that practice these skills. Science and Social Studies topics of interest have been integrated into reading and we have looked at the central idea and key vocabulary related to the topic. In Math, we have focused on multiplication and division. Movement games have been implemented to practice fluency with facts and lessons have been taught to practice multiplying and dividing bigger numbers as well as word problems.

In the afternoon we have been learning about space exploration while building and programming Lego satellites and rovers. We are also learning about media literacy. We created amazing flip books!

5th grade-Rising 6th graders