Sexual Harassment- Standing up

By: Paola Lozano and Lovell Cox, students from CHS

Attention Teachers

Paola Lozano and Lovell Cox students at Coppell High School for the past 2 years have conducted interviews with their classmates to show how sexual harassment needs to be taken more seriously and change the perspective that it only effects girls. Their knowledge of the High School work place proves that although you may not notice it as teachers, sexual harassment does happen at schools and in class rooms right under your noses.

How it effects...


Viewed as strong, opinionated characters realisticly they are just the same as any girl. They have feelings and like girls can give into peer pressures easily. When their friends think making classmates feel uncomfortable is okay and cool, they feel as though they have to do it too just to stay "big and bad". One boy even said that boys do not think it is a big deal; ” I guess no one does” (Lozano SURVEY). This is a devastating situation, boys lose who they are because of things like inappropriate jokes... you can help change this.


Although girls may be better at hiding how it hurts them, it effects them for a much longer time. Feeling uncomfortable in a place where you have to be every Monday through Friday is probably one of the worst things you can put anyone through. School is a place for learning and unfortunately for a lot of girls its actually unbearable.


How to make a change?

The first step to noticing sexual harassment is identifying it. Sometimes sexual harassment is things such as perverted jokes taken too far, a lot of people think of it more of like innapropriate touching but thats only the most severe cases.The AAUW shows that in 2002, 78% of boys were sexually harassed while in school along with the 83% of girls. You, as teachers, are what the students look up to for protection. So be there for your students and stand up for anyone who may be subject to innapropriate comments or jokes.