Athens - #Get Your Game On

Greece National Anthem

Awesome Government

  • Citizens ran the government
  • BUT citizens were only
  • native/freeborn men
  • men who owned land
  • had to be men - - no women
  • The Rights of Citizens:
  • could gather in the agora to choose officials and pass laws
  • had the right to vote, hold office,own property, and to defend themselves in court
  • Duties of a Citizens:
  • serve in government
  • serve in the citizen army - - - A.K.A. - - - - Hoplites


  • slaves tended the crops and food
  • culture was forward looking
  • only boys could get and education and go to school - - - girls could not
  • worshiped gods and godesses
  • daily life was trading

Interested at all?

  • Girls could not go to school.
  • People loved battle itself.
  • had the power of a naval unit.
  • Athenian form of electing government wads called Limited Democracy.
  • Democracy means " ruled by the people" in the Athenian way.
  • Had trials by Jury.
  • Greek women did not have a lot of freedom!!!!!!
Snippets of Day in Athens, Greece, Norwegian Jade (2 min HD)

Daily Life

  • Married women stayed home and spent much of their time spinning thread and weaving cloth.
  • They also watched the children and cooked food.
  • Women that were rich always went out with a slave maybe perhaps to visit women that were their friends.
  • Poor women of Athens always went out shopping alone.
  • Rich women always went shopping with a male or slave as a companion.
  • Surprisingly, poor women went out of the house more than rich women did.
  • Women that were poor you would see working alongside their husband or spouse.
  • The jobs that poor women did were: fetching water and washing the clothes of the family in the stream. The women were allowed to talk to their friends while they worked.
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Wonderful Food to Eat

Breakfast maybe could consist of:

  • bread dipped in wine that was made from grapes
  • fruit
Lunch could consist of:

  • Bread
  • cheese
Dinner or Supper might consist of:

  • porridge made from barley (with cheese)
  • fish
  • veggies
  • eggs
  • fruit
Pudding that may be served was:

  • nuts
  • figs
  • cakes
  • all of this sweetened up a bit with honey
Only Rich People:

  • ate very much meat
Meat Included:

  • hares/rabbits
  • deer
  • boar
***** meat was killed by hunters*****

Favorite Sea Food:

  • octopus
****Olive was the most valuable tree in all of Greece. It was used for eating and crushing the olive leaves to make olive oil. The olive oil was used for cosmetics, cooking, and the oil lamps they used for light.*****
Interesting Fact:

Rich people always ate at home; poor people and slaves were the only ones who ever ate in public.

School Time!

  • Boys were taught at home until they were almost six years old.
  • Boys learned to read and write went they switched from at home schooling to actual school.
  • They learned to play instruments like the flute or the lyre.
  • Learned Poetry like Homer's poetry.
  • Learned to debate and give persuasive speeches.
  • Studied science and math.
  • After what would be called high school, the boys would then go on to attend military school.
Interesting Fact:

Boys never graduated from all the schooling they were required to take until they were 20 years old!

  • Girls could not attend school like boys. However, the girls were taught by their mothers at home.
  • Although, some mothers could NOT read or write. Those that could then were able to teach their daughters how to read and write.
  • Besides reading and writing, girls were taught how to cook and sew and take care of the household.

Religion throughout Ancient Greece

To Greeks, religion meant worshiping to honor the local gods and goddesses. Different areas worshiped different gods/goddesses throughout Greece. "Greek religion is referred to as the polytheistic religion of Ancient Greece. Greeks worshiped many deities. One favorite worshiping way of the ancient Greeks was the sacrifice for blood; preferable animal blood.

Important Buildings and Places of Ancient Greece

Just a few places that are sacred to certain gods and goddesses. These are not all of them but here are some of them.

  • Athens - sacred to the god Athena
  • Corinth - sacred to the god Poseidon and the goddess Aphrodite
  • Delos - sacred to the god Apollo


  • Salamis Battle - navel battle - fought the Persians - outcome was a mark in the turning point of Persian wars.
  • Battle of Marathon - battle against Persians - fought an army of 20,000 Persians with only 10,000 Greeks - Victory of the Greeks.