by:Keara Bowman and Annalise satterfield


The nile is the longest river on the planet. It has a length over 4,000 miles.

The nile has a rough terrian that caused rapids to farm.


They used canals and basins

They also used a shadoof which is used to raise water

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written language

Egyptians had a system of writing called hieroglyphics

They wrote on papyrus which was made from reeds

They used the written language for communication,keeping records,stories,and keeping their history safe.


It was created to seperate society by ranks

Their kingdom was ruled by pharaohs

The leaders had absolute monarchy

The pharaohs had the goverment officals to carry out duties

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Some of their achievements were geometry,painting,pyramids,tombs,statues,epics,a # system based on 10,and a 365 day calendar


They believed that the body had to be well preserved so the ka could recognize them to have a happy afterlife

They done mummification to preserve the body for the afterlife

They were polytheistic

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