Steve Knight


Why Steve Knight?

Steve was named for the mineral he represents, Stephanite. Obviously, his true name is Stephen, but Steve sounds more hard-core (so that's what he went with). Stephanite is a mineral, or a "hard rock," so my mole is a rock star. The black gems he's wearing are a reference to the color of the mineral: a dull grey or black.

Use of Stephanite

Stephanite, or Ag5SbS4, is a rare mineral mined mostly for its silver ore. It is found in the Southwestern United States, such as in Arizona and Comstock Lode, Nevada. It can also be found in Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Mexico, and Chile. It has also been mined in England and Ontario, Canada.

Fun Facts

  • Named for mining director Archduke Victor Stephan of Austria
  • Found in America
  • Very rare

Physical Properties

  • Dark grey or black
  • Iron black "streak"- the color of stephanite in its powdered form
  • Metallic Luster
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Chemical Properties

Minerals are not categorized by chemical properties, but a series of physical properties. These are color, luster, streak, crystal structure, hardness, and cleavage or fracture. The closest thing to a chemical property is the acid test (whether or not a mineral reacts with acid). Stephanite does not react with acid. Instead of two chemical properties, here are two more physical properties.

  • Crystal structure: orthorhombic
  • Hardness: 2-2.5