By Austin Sauerteig

Basic Information

Chemical Name: Helium --------Protons: 2 ----------------Group: Noble Gases --------State: Gas

Chemical Symbol: He ----------- Electrons: 2---------------Type: Nonmetal----------------BP: -286.6C

Atomic Mass: 4.003 ---------------Neutrons: 2---------------El. Configuration: 1s2-------MP: -272C

Atomic Number: 2

Helium Facts

What's it look like? ------Finding of He? ----------------------Uses of He: Balloons

-colorless------------------- Who?- Sir William Ramsay------Uses of He: deep sea diving

-odorless &---------------- When?- 1895------------------------How obtained?: natural gas deposits

-non-toxic gas------------ Where?-India----------------------- How obtained?: air

Reactions and Compounds

Helium is involved in no compounds due to the fact that it's a Noble Gas and is stable by itself.
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