Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Sarah's Origami Owl Jewelry Bar & New Home Warming Party!

If you haven't already experienced an Origami Owl Party, then come! If you have, then you know what you will be missing, if you don't come! This is my very first gathering at my new apartment, so if anything, please feel free to come join good people, food, and of course, drinks!!

(You will need to park in spots that don't have a number on them, as you will get a fine, if you do. There are more open spots down by the Office and it's a short walk up to my place from there)

If you need anything or get lost, just call me at 785 979 3289.

If you can't make it, then please go online to the link below or let me know at work and we can fill out an order form:


Origami Owl Jewelry Pary

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 7pm to Thursday, Feb. 20th, 8:30pm

1625 SW Regency Pkwy Dr Apt A (Regency Park Apartments)

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook. If you are unable to attend but would like to place an order please follow this link http://www.MelindaField.origamiowl.com/parties/SarahMcGee188915/how-to-build.ashx


What is more fun than hanging out with your girlfriends, shopping, and chatting? NOTHING!

Melinda Field, Independent Designer

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