Bridging the gaps

Help us bridge the gaps between human, and animal

We bridge the gaps that don't want to be bridged.

Ever since the beginning of man time, we have hunted animals and they have hunted us, but that is because they are desperate, and that is because we destroy what they need to live. We must help them thrive, to help us we must help them. We can't let these beautiful animals die. Of course they have attacked us, but not because they are out to get us. We must bridge the gap between species. We are all friends, we need to act like it. We need to help them, if we do nothing, these beautiful animals will die. Do you want their blood on your hands?

What even is a tiger?

The Tiger is the largest cat species, reaching a total body length of up to 3.3 meters (11 ft) and weighing up to 306 kg (675 lb). Its most recognizable feature is a pattern of dark vertical stripes on orange fur with a light underside. Tigers once ranged widely across Asia from Turkey in the west to the eastern coast of Russia. Over the past 100 years, they have lost over 90% of their historic range, and have been extirpated from southwest and central Asia, from the islands of Java and Bali and from large areas of Southeast and Eastern Asia. Today, they range from the Siberian Taiga to wide grasslands and tropical mangrove swamps.

Our Mission Statement

In 2012 Oliver Fairbanks went on a vacation to Shanghai, China. While there he heard that you could go to a big zoo just outside the city where you could hold baby tigers! Of course he went and paid the 10 chinese yuan($1.65) and the zookeepers brought him out, immediately he was smitten. The amazing thoughts as he cradled the small ball of fluff. He had to go home to Texas, but nearly every weekend he went to the Cameron Park Zoo and would stare for hours at the beautiful pelts and strong muscles of the tigers. They were beautiful. He went on with his life, never forgetting the soft fur of the small cat. Naturally he was devastated to learn there was less than 4,000 left in the wild today. He knew he had to save them. And he would do anything for them.

True story

What we do, and what we are going to do.

We buy preserves for tigers for a safe place to live and be free. We also donate money to zoos with tigers for a more spacious and comfortable life. But not only directly helping them, we also raise awareness for the Tiger situation. Also, we are planning on expanding our horizons to all big cats, starting with the Lion, then the Jaguar, and so on and so forth. But we can't do everything ourselves, we need help. We need your help. Will you help us?
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Any Questions?

Oliver Fairbanks, Founder

Here are some common questions you might ask, if you have any more, feel free to ask below in the comments!

Q-How do you earn money for your organization?

A-We receive money from both average citizens and large companies who want to advertise on our website.

Q-What Tigers do you primarily help?

A-We help all Tigers and Big Cats that need our help, but I am personally quite fond of the Sumatran Tiger.