Anti Bullying

Never be a bully

Never Bully

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Bullying is so mean!
  • Bullying hurts peoples feelings.

Bullying is wrong!

  • Do you really want to hurt peoples feelings?
  • Do you want them to hurt your feelings?
  • If you are a bully stop now!

Some pictures to show you to make your choice to be a bully or not

It is time you stand up to bullies!

Stand up to bullies

Tell them to stop! And if they don't then tell someone that someone is bullying you! Like your parents, guardians and even teachers. If you really want them to stop then do these things to help you.

Make your choice.

Make your choice whether to be a bully or not. I choose not to be a bully because I don't want to be mean to others! I want to treat them as I want to be treated! I chose not to be a bully, what about you?