Community 3

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To Recycle, or Not to Recycle?

We "hit the ground running" with our recycling project on Monday of this week. We have been so busy, and many kids have mentioned that the week has flown by!

We are beginning to see opinions form about our project! It is exciting!

Next Week...

No school on Monday or Tuesday, September 7-8!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will be immersed in the project!

We will update you again next week with where we are and where we are headed!


Please encourage your child's interest in recycling at home! We would love to hear and see pictures!


Expect to receive communication from Community 3 at least once a week.

Feel free to communicate with us as needed.


We have pre-assessed your child in reading and math. We are using these assessments to guide instruction.

Also, FreshGrade will be up and running soon to give you a deeper view of your child's progress!