Curtis Library is Always Open

It's Summertime and the Reading is EASY!

Summer Reading Opportunities

Can you really have too many books? Although the Curtis Library is closed this summer due to the remodeling, you can still access reading material several different ways.
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Thanks to the WISD Education Foundation grant, we have added more ebooks to our collection, which can be read at anytime on your computer. To access our ebooks, click on the link below and choose Curtis Elementary in Weatherford, TX.

If you don't remember the login, email Mrs. Ford. Hint: school & mascot

Students can read the books on a computer without checking them out. If you want to check a book out to read on an iPad or smart phone, just download the MackinVia app. Students will login with their student ID (lunch number) and "Roos" for the password. If you don't know your child's ID #, email Mrs. Ford at and I will try to help you.


Also, by logging in to MackinVia, students have 24/7 access to our databases. This is a place where they could research and read about topics of interests. The two PebbleGo databases are perfect for K-2 readers, where as Britannica and TrueFlix would be great for grades 3-6. Please email Mrs. Ford ( if you need any help!
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Bored Yet? Try Wandoo Planet to Banish Boredom!

Wandoo Planet is the perfect reading engagement tool when you aren't sure what to read next! After playing the interest-finding game and growing your interest tree, books and other content will be suggested. You can even print out book information to take to your local library. Don't sit around being bored! Let Wandoo Planet help you find books about things you are interested in!
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Looking for a place to log your reading? Need a recommendation for your next read? Or would you like a place to write reviews? Biblionasium is the perfect tool!
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BiblioNasium - Website Tour

StarWalk eBooks free during July

Students can access free nonfiction books during the month of July through StarWalk Kids Media. You can choose to read the ebook on your own or have it read to you. This is a great service offered by a company founded by Seymour Simon, a well-known children's nonfiction author. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and let me know your thoughts.
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