Hello Monster

Ella J


The main character in the small book is Dave. Dave is a man that act's e a 8 year old. he doesn't think before he does things. The second character that is in the story is a young boy named max.


the story begins with Dave questioning himself if he should feed his neighbors the Lowbeer's cat or just go on with his day and feed the cat later that day. he looked at his key and it slipped out of his hand and fell in to the sewer vent. he looked at the sewer vent in disbelief that the key fell in there. a phew minutes later he found him self going down the vent with a flash light. he found the key. he guessed that a city truck came and saw that the grate on the side and put it back to its rite full place. Dave stood there in disbelief of what happened. he yelled but no one could hear him. a car drove by on top of the grate and splashed water all over Dave. Dave started wondering around he came across a room that was made out of brick that was 25 feet tall, there was 4 entices to the room and when Dave went in he forgot which tunnel he came from. he guessed which tunnel he came from and started splashing along faster in panic to get out. an hour past and that's when he met a young boy. he went up the ladder and yelled "hello" not thinks that anyone would reply, the little boy did reply he said "hello is anyone there". Dave couldn't believe what he heard, he yelled "I am here", the boy came closer and said " are you a monster coming to take me" Dave said " no I am not a monster I got tramped in the sewer where are you?". Dave and the boy were arguing about Dave being a monster. the boy left fro supper and Dave went down the ladder and sat at the bottom of the drain and went to sleep. a few hours latter the boy came back with a sandwich to give to Dave. Dave got the sandwich, the little boy left and then Dave went to bed. the nest morning the boy comes back with a yellow truck for Dave to play with while he was going swimming. a few hours went by and the boy came back and he decided to open the grate, but he couldn't. Dave was still stuck down in the sewer and wondering if he should go wonder around and yell but he decided to stay and wait for the little boy. a hour went by then another. that's went Dave heard the men. Dave couldn't believe what he was hearing, he was finally getting saved. he saw the two men coming from his right Dave stood up and said" i dropped my key". the young guy said " come lets go" Dave said "can you just wait a second" he went up the latter and yelled "hello are you there i am leaving sorry". Dave followed the men and finally got out of the sewer.

Personal Reaction

this is my all time favorite Stuart McLean story. i first hear this story on the Vinyl Cafe, I didn't get to hear the end because i was at my destination but i really did want to know what would happen to the man in the sewer. at the time i didn't under stand that all the books were about Dave i thought he was just a ridiculous guy.


i think the theme of this story is that anything can happen, even the most impossible things like getting stuck in a sewer could actual happen.