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H.I.S. Staff Newsletter


We are having some growing pains with this new enrichment schedule but I know we are going to collectively figure it out so that it works for our kids.

Intervention teachers are finishing intervention lists today. Click for 4th Grade or 5th Grade.

I am blocking off my calendar during each conference time to be able to sit with you and help walk you through the process of creating a schedule for the remaining kids. Please come at the beginning of each conference time if you want to work together on this.

Here are guidelines that should help:

  • OUR kids not MY kids. At no time are we having "family" enrichment.
  • intervention kids will go to intervention; some will go every day, others only twice depending on their needs
  • Each content focuses on their Essential Standards or prerequisite to those standards for our struggling friends
  • Students should be grouped according to their level and standard need
  • GT will be pulled once a week by Anda; they will need extension or support the other days...again, depending on what they've mastered
  • Teachers should share the load of struggling students vs. extension students...the same teachers should not be assigned to certain groups all nine weeks
  • Click here
  • If it were me, I would make a long term plan (at least 9 weeks) of who was teaching what standard and what level and then slot kids as needed.
  • Groups should be fluid...once a kid has mastered something, move them out. We're not stuck in a 9 week plan like we were last year.
Reteach and Enrich: How to Make Time for Every Student

H.I.S. is a Solution Tree "Model PLC"

Congratulations! You all have worked so hard over the last 3 years ensuring Learning For ALL at H.I.S. You are an amazing group of educators and are totally deserving of this National distinction.

Click here to see the website with our information. This is a really big deal and you should be very proud.

September 17th is our Title I Parent Night!!

Every year we are required to have a parent night that, in addition to other things, informs parents that we receive funds because of our population of low socio-economic students.

The structure of this meeting is that parents come to each family of teachers, review a ppt., and sign a parent compact. The parental involvement action team will be receiving an email shortly with the ppt.

Click here to check your action team.

Bright Spots

All those that helped make buses and pick ups a success! They are almost down to normal run times.

Liz Marjason for organizing our cafeteria seating.

Hallway CHAMPS are amazing!

Shawna Blissett for bringing "Color Me Happy" to H.I.S. retreat.

Jenna Corley, Tina Wyman, Sherri Martin, Suzanne Fry, Michelle Ray, Courtney Hollon, Andrea Brandon, and Jessica Fields for presenting at the HISD Mini-Conference.

Parent Communication

Click here to have access to our Parent folder. This has been shared with parents and contains links to our campus procedures and newsletters.

Also, remember to make positive communication this week to begin building relationships with your parents. They want to hear from us.