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October 29, 2021

From the Principal's Desk

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All of the little Mallards want to send a great big THANK YOU to everyone who came to watch them show off their Halloween Costumes today. They were so proud to have such a big audience.

Purposeful Partnering

Thank you to all of the moms who attended our first Coffee with a Side of C, C & C! We had some great conversation around screen time and it's affect on young brains as well as how parents can address this at home.
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Please Help Us Keep Our School Open

We are seeing an increase in students being sent to school with coughs and runny noses. Although we recognize that this is a normal occurance this time of year, PLEASE keep your child home when they show these symptoms. It may seem mild, but coughs and colds make it very difficult for your child (and many of their classmates) to focus on the job of learning. A few days rest and plenty of fluids will ensure they are back to 100% and ready to learn.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone in our school in good health!

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Upcoming Events

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Counselor's Corner

Purposeful People

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This month we are talking about Responsibility! The dictionary talks about Responsibility in a few ways: duty, accountability, and the independence to make decisions. We are using a slightly different definition at school:

Responsibility: to take action and understand how our choices affect others, ourselves, and the world.

Every day we make choices and take actions. Being responsible means we know how those choices impact all people and things involved! Sometimes we get to choose what we are responsible for, sometimes we earn new privileges through consistent and healthy choices, and sometimes we are responsible for things simply because we are a part of a community (and we all have to do our part!). We will spend time talking about what it means to be responsible for our classroom. We will practice self-control and develop helpful practices. We will think about people with a lot of Responsibility like Michael Jordan and Eleanor Roosevelt. Together, we can take Responsibility for a more kind, generous world!

Our Staff

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