By Angelo Reyes


. There are different namestyles for slacking such as deep couch city, slouch,decline and etc

. Not doing your work is a slacking form

. They made a TV show with 2 slackers named Mordecai and Rigby they either do the job wrong or don't do it at all.

. Another form is doing stuff at the last minute, like I did.

. At the end you always get bit in the but I call it slacking karma.

The reason why I'm expert at this topic

I am an expert at this topic cause I do it all the time I don't do any of my chores except take out the garbage and I barley ever do my homework till the last minite I will work on it though.


. My dog ate my homework

. I lost it

.I'll do it later

.most common for me is I forgot

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