The cruciable


John procter

John Procter is Elizabeth Procter wife. John and elizebeth have 2 children and have not being having a good relationship due to something Procter did. John Procter had an affair with a seventeen years old Abigail Williams. John one time for got a commandment adultery because he had committed it and in that time it was considered extremely bad

Reverend Parris

Reverend parris is Bettys father and Abigail uncle and the minister of Salem’s church. Reverend Parris wanted a lot of power.Reverend Parris was not well liked by the community because of him thinking he had power. Parris delivers harsh fire and brimstone sermons that sometimes turn off his parishioners. Reverend was also paranoid, yet oddly self-pitying figure. Many people especially John Proctor, dislike him, and Parris is very concerned with building his position in the community just to get all the power he wanted.

Abigail Williams

Abigail William is reverend Parris niece and the 17 years old girl John Procter had his affair with. Abigail really did like Procter and try to get rid of johns' wife by accusing her of witch craft. Abigail was also involved in the situation her cousin Betty was in ,but there was something the girls didn't do, Abigail drank human blood so John Procter would like her.Abigail also accused many people of being involved in witch craft she started pointing everybody



Reputation was in the line for many of the one's that were being accused of witch craft.Everything a citizen does is known by all. It is within this context that one's reputation becomes important. John Proctor recognizes this.He knows the trials are fraudulent, yet he withholds vital information in order to protect his reputation. In a town like Salem, an adulterous affair unleashes severe punishment and severe humiliation.As Reverend Parris's daughter lies near death, he is concerned about how the girls dancing in the woods naked affects his reputation. He suspects Abigails' intentions, yet glosses over her faults because a relative of his having an affair with a married man would sully his reputation. In Act IV, Parris begs Danforth to suspend the trials, not because he wants justice, but he fears the townspeople.


Intolerance was a main theme in the crucible because there were many things that were prohibited but yet done by many. Intolerance was well seen in church because you could not commit any of the commandment and you must have attended church or other wise you were supposedly doing witch craft. John Procter for example committed adultery which was against the commandments and suffered consequences due to that.Intolerance was also reflected if you opposed the law you were also opposing god word and that was very not very well tolerable in Salem due to they were very religious.


Hysteria was seen throughout the whole play but especially by the girls that were caught outside in the woods. Betty for example and the other girls pretended to have gotten in a comma so they would not get in trouble. Betty also exaggerated when she supposedly woke up from her comma and said she wanted her mother and tried to fly to pretend she was in a spell due to the witch craft. Abigail, also showed hysteria when she decided to through herself on the ground and pretend she was under the witch craft spell in the court room. Hysteria was seen by many other and a theme that was very important.