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Richard Nixon served from 1969 to 1974 as our 37th President. He was involved with the Watergate scandal and is the only president to resign from office. He is known for taking troops out of Vietnam.

Gerald Ford served from 1974-1977, he became the first unelected president in the nation's history. He was able to restore public confidence in the government after the Watergate Scandal.

Jimmy Carter served from 1977 to 1981. He was able to make improvements to the Arab Israeli conflicts, but was soon thrown down as the hostage crisis arose.

World Leaders

The United States tried to keep strong relations with other world leaders as Vietnam was occurring. Mao Tse-Tung met with President Nixon in 1972, this became the first American president ot visit the republic of China. Leonid Brezhnev was the president of Presidium of Supreme Soviet. He met with Nixon in May of 1972, and discussed the joint space flight, which later occurred in 1975. Some other important world leaders include Menachem Begin the Minister of Israel, John Paul II the ordained pope of 1978, and Mother Theresa who received a nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Key Laws

Executive Branch

The executive branch deals with the Environmental Policy. Almost all branches of the executive branch have to deal with environmental authority in some way.


Ensured safe and healthy working conditions for men and women. Providing research, information, education, and training in the specified field of occupation. This still plays a huge factor in society today.

Energy Acts

An effort to redefine energy efforts in the United States. The demand and use of oil began to rise as people began to partake in activities where it was needed. The Energy Crisis of 1973 was the first point at which Americans realized that their was an issue with the American Energy System.

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Supreme Court Decisions

Roe Vs. Wade

Abortions became a talk of society as the right to privacy came into question. Within Texas it was illegal to abort a fetus unless the life of the mother was in concern. Jane Roe fought against the state, stating it was a violation of Personal Liberty and Privacy. In return the state laws that prohibited Abortion in the first Trimester were invalidated.

United States vs. Nixon

Five burglars were caught breaking and entering into the Democratic National Headquarters while Nixon was campaigning. Nixon was caught in recording meetings on tape. These tapes were considered evidence, so later in the trial Nixon had to release the full tapes to the government. This is commonly known as the Watergate Scandal.

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1972- North Vietnam:

This war consisted of the bombing of the cities Hanoi and Haiphong.

1974- Vietnam:

A long struggle between nationalist forces who were trying to make the country of Vietnam a communist government. The United States worked to stop the spread of Communism. This war ended in 1975 with a success in stopping the spread of communism.

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Some major technological advancements of this decade include:

Artificial Heart

MRI Scanner

Genetic Engineering

Home VCR

Cell Phone


NASA really began to expand and boom in this decade. Many missions were launched throughout these ten years. The first flight in F-8A was completely, Pioneer 10 was launched to Jupiter, Apollo 17 mission was successfully completed with a scientist aboard. Expansion really began to take off as Americans were becoming more attune to space technology.

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Top Movies:

Saturday Night Fever




Top Music:

Kung Fu FIghting

Low Rider


Sweet Home Alabama

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Many sports teams were making their mark in this decade as they competed at World Series, Super Bowls, and at college levels. The Athletics made their mark in the world series. Miami advanced into the super bowl, ULCA left their legacy in the NCAA Basketball, and the Celtics advanced in NBA with the Knicks.


The average salary was $7,564. Women began to leave homes to hold jobs as doctors lawyers, and news anchors. Men continued to work as pilots, judges, engineers, and farmers. Bellbottoms, earth shoes, and knits and denims began to become popular. This decade was strongly impacted by fads and celebrities. It truly was a time of experimentation.

Famous People

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)- Boxer

John Wayne- Famous Actor

John Travolta- Famous Actor

Elvis Presley- Famous Singer & Dancer

Diana Ross- Famous Singer

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