Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 2, 6th August 2021

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Friday 27th August - Daffodil Day
  • Friday 3rd September - Teachers' Only Day
  • Wednesday 8th September - Wig Wednesday for Child Cancer Foundation
  • Friday 10th September - School Cross Country
  • Monday 13th - Friday 17th September - Maori Language Week
  • Friday 17th September - Grandparents' Day
  • Wednesday 29th September - Taranaki Champs' Cross Country
  • Friday 1st October - Matapu Preschool Pet Day
  • Thursday 21st October - Pet Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to show ambition by setting new goals to achieve in Term 3

Te reo phrase of the week: kei te whakarongo koe? (Are you listening)

Kia ora,

We have had another great week at school, encouraging the use of the students’ creativity through our school wide Aumangea Taima approach. Our competent teachers are weaving aspects of our local curriculum into their lessons, with the Taranaki Maunga and Waingongoro River being the current topics of interest. It has also been neat to see all of our classes getting outside and participating in cross country training.

Next week we’ll take our senior students' science fair entries up to the Witt Science and Technology Fair. A big thanks to Miss Rawcliffe for the hard work that she has put in behind the scenes to make sure that our school is well represented at this event.

A special mention to Jake Brady, Lucas Hurley, Caleb Hurley, Colt Mitchell, and Jasper Mitchell who all made the Central Ross Brown rugby squad. It’s fantastic to see our students’ talents rewarded by making representative teams - and talking about representative teams, a big well done to our very own Dale West who recently made the Taranaki Basketball team! Dale heads off to a tournament in Auckland next week, we wish her all the very best.

Your child/ren will be coming home with a Pet Day notice today. Due to the increasing demands of the Pet and Gala activities, we have decided to split the event. Therefore we will hold our Pet Day during the day on Thursday 21st October and hold an evening Gala event in Term 1 2022. Please pick out your prize calf, lamb, pig, or horse (to name a few) and send back the entry form by Friday 10th September. A high number of entries always ensures a successful event.

Finally it must be said that NZ has had an amazing time at the Olympics. It seems like we’ve been winning a medal almost daily! A big congrats to Anna Hauparoa’s daughter Gayle Broughton who starred in the NZ women’s sevens team.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

Values Awards

Room 1 - Sydnee for showing the school value of integrity by making good choices in the playground.

Room 2 - Wade for effort in learning your basic facts and staying on task.

Room 3 - Levi for great problem solving skills in Aumangea Taima.

Room 4 - Bentley for showing ambition and effort in all learning this week.

Room 5 - Rocco for amazing reading and writing.

Room 6 - Eden for giving cross country a go! Soon you will be running on your own!


Manawa Piharau.

Determined until the end.


  • Can all netball uniforms please be returned to the office.
  • Room 1 would like any bottle tops collected and brought in please.

Room 1

We are well into our Aumangea Taima lessons this week. On Tuesday we were lucky to have Esther from Enviro Schools come and teach us about the history of kumara and how to grow kumara tupu. We each got to prepare a part of a kumara for growing and they are now chilling out in our classroom getting their grow on for the next 8-10 weeks.

In maths we have been learning about scales and measurement. You could help at home by having conversions with your child around how to read scales and different measurements. Maybe you could get some sweet baking out of them as they practise measuring out the flour, butter and sugar.

Bottle Tops: Can you please collect up and send bottle tops along to school. We would really appreciate all shapes and sizes.

Room 2

For Maths this week we have been learning measurement and how to convert from cm to m to km. We have also learnt about compass directions and angles of a compass to help us read maps. We have been training almost everyday for cross country, building up our time and distance each day. Our tally of the olympic medals NZ have won continues to get bigger and bigger each day.

Room 3

What a great week we have had in Room 3!
We had our Aumangea Taima day on Wednesday. All the children brought in the materials they needed and designed and created a DIY watering system. It was great to see all the different ideas and designs being created. We had fun filling them up and testing to see how well our products worked, and if they didn't we worked alongside one another to help solve the problem.

Room 4

This week in Room 4 we have been busy learning all about the different parts of our freshwater rivers and the animals that live in them. We worked together with blocks on Tuesday to make a river from source to mouth including tributaries, lakes and different river branches. Our whole class goal for maths this week was to read clocks at quarter past and to the hour. We have also been learning the format for recipe writing. There have been some delicious sounding recipes!

Room 5

It is hard to believe that we have already had two weeks together! The children in Room 5 are truly delightful and we have a crazy fun time learning together. I think the children have adapted marvellously to having a new teacher with some new routines - we are fortunate to have Mr Blance in our class for the first hour of every day - this means all children get seen by a teacher every day for Reading! We have continued our focus on Statistics for Maths; they have been gathering data about eye colours, favourite ice creams, favourite fruit etc and then learning to interpret the data and make a statement.

We have begun to explore the water cycle and had a big 'brain dump' earlier this week, where we shared what we already knew about water. I was fascinated to learn that we have a special container inside our tummies that has a straw in it. The straw goes up to our eyes so that if we need to cry, it can come out of the straw/pipe thing - and that is where tears come from!!

We have also investigated a little bit about Taniwhas and what our Guardian Taniwha could look like - super fun, crazy messy but well worth it.

Room 6

We have had a busy week with lots of new learning.

We are learning about numbers to 10 and 20. We need to know the numeral and the word that matches, as well as the numbers that come before and after, and the forward and backward counting sequences - lots to keep us going!

We have continued to work on putting information onto graphs and some of us can use tally marks to record the information we are collecting- very impressive!

4Stars is up and running and today we had Chad come for his first school visit. It was lovely to see you Chad and you made a great letter ‘g’ picture alongside your school friends. Our senior helpers shared in the activity and once again helped us through a busy hour. We finished with a run around the back field as part of our training for cross country- the senior ‘guides’ helped us to run at a jog so we were able to run the whole way, not use all our energy in the first 20 metres!

Big picture
Big picture



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