Music in the 1950s

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As the 1950s go the musical realm was pretty interesting but in going to save you from reaserching on the in tweets and tell you about it. Here we will discuss famous people like Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong and stuff they did like, Eddie fisher beacomeing the Coca Cola kid? Fear not as that was the only thing nobody knows about in this flyer.

Fast Facts

1. Elvis joined the army at one point

2. Eddie fisher became the Coca Cola kid in 1953

3. There was Elvis lipstck colors such as hound dog orange.

4. Elvis actually grew up poor and was a truck driver before beacomeing a rockstar.

5. Connspirisy nuts still think that Elvis is still alive as a zombie

Some peeps

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Questions and sources

Some of you are wondering stuff that you want me to ansewer so here's a bunch of questions that you may or may not be asking

1.when did elvis start out?

Elvis did his thing in 53 after getting chosen by some guy. He was sorta like a rock and roll Justin Bieber who was actually good.

2.whos Eddie fisher and the Coca Cola kid

I don't know you don't know lets just carry on . And I think the Coca Cola kid was the mascot for Coca Cola wich became a polar bear later.

3. How did Elvis die?

Elvis did late night shows so to stay awake he used pills! But of corse all those pills leads to getting sleep deprived and the died on the toilet.

4. What was Louis armstrong known for?

Many things but primarily the guy who wrote and sang its a wonderful world. And playing the trumpet.

5. What was the best song of that time?

While it matters on opinion the best song was Jonny b Goode. Wich you probobly remember in back to the future.

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