Monday Musings

Weekly Update for Douglas Staff - February 15, 2016

Vision…Mission…Priorities - Preview/Ponder for Tuesday's Meeting

We have spent several staff meetings over the past 2 years going over our mission - vision…Below is a draft of what I would like to propose on Tuesday as our vision - mission - priorities at Douglas School. These were taken from both the district vision and the thoughts shared by our staff over the course of the meetings. I will be looking for feedback - then looking for consensus on these and any proposed changes. If you have feedback you would like to share prior to Tuesday, please send me an email.

Vision - Excellence for All

Mission - The mission of Douglas Elementary School is to engage the Douglas community in learning and growing together, preparing children to pursue the dreams and opportunities of their future.

Priorities -

Learning and Growing Together

Driven by High Expectations and Goals

Providing a Positive, Safe Learning Environment

Staff JIG JOG Challenge!

I am issuing a challenge to the Douglas Staff! If 20 staff members sign up for the Jig Jog, I will participate in the race wearing the Douglas Tiger costume :) Let's show our community we appreciate their support and the Educational Foundation!

Upcoming Dates...

Monday, Feb. 15th - Midyear SLO Reviews (Suggested Due Date - no later than Feb. 26) - Please click "Save and Notify"

Tuesday, Feb. 16th - Douglas Staff Meeting (Full Staff)

Media Center - 3:15 Sharp!


Together (Community Building, Vision - Mission - Priorities Preview, PBIS Quick Update, Schoolwide Midyear Data Share

Vertical K-2/3-5 (K-2 Location TBD, 3-5 Remain in Media Center)

- Data Discussion - K-2, 3-5

- 3-5 will also discuss Forward Exam

Monday, Feb. 22nd - PLC Planning Team Meeting (Media Center) - 3:15

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd - No Staff Meeting

NO March 1st Staff Meeting - Moved to 3/8

Thursday, March 3rd - Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences (4-7:35)

Friday, March 4th - Districtwide PD Day (Forward Exam, Unpacking Essential Standards)

Tuesday, March 8th - Staff Meeting (Moved from 3/1)

Thursday, March 10th - Author Visit - Jacqueline West (Grades 2-5)

Tuesday, March 15th - No Staff Meeting

Thursday, March 17th - Spring Arts Festival: "Pizza with Picasso" (New Event Name)

Spring Break - Early Release - 3/18, Off 3/21-3/25

Tuesday, 3/29 - Staff Meeting (All Staff) - Tentative Agenda: 2016-2017 School Year Planning

Teaching Channel - Formative Assessment (GREAT CLIP!)

This is a GREAT clip of a teacher and her students digging into a speaking/listening standard for fourth grade - actually one of the district 4th grade essentials! Standard 1 - about collaboration. Great clip to watch and discuss as a team!

Emily's Schedule (2/15-2/19)

Announcements - Daily @ 8:05

Informal Observations throughout the week…

Monday - 2/16

8:15 5th Team Mtg

9:30-10:30 Office Meetings

3:15 K Team Mtg

Tuesday - 2/17

7:30-8:30 WRMC Breakfast Meeting

8:45-11:15 Cabinet (ESC)

3:15-4:30 Staff Meeting (Start in Media Center)

5:15-7:30 WRMC Board Meeting

Wednesday - 2/18

7:30 SIT Meeting - Owen Powers

10:40 1C

3:15 3rd Team Mtg

3:30 Districtwide PBIS Meeting (Douglas Host)

Thursday, 2/19 (IEP Day)

8:00 IEP (Kretchmer/Gresenz)

9:30 IEP (Flood/Schubarth)

11:00 IEP (Brunner/Stark)

1:00 IEP (Aceto/Gresenz)

Friday, 2/20

8:15 Team Leader Meeting


Thanks to Justin Thayer for sharing this resource. This free resource has 5-day close reading lesson plans organized by grade level and nonfiction/literature (tied to CCSS), math lessons/videos, social studies literary units - and more! FREE!

Empowering Students with Data

Many of you are trying data notebooks or visible goal setting and tracking progress with your students. Here is a short article that talks about formative/summative data and visible data...Go Douglas Staff!

Question Week 2016 - March 13-19

Looks like it could be an interesting thing to try during the last week before break! Potentially a good way to fuse in test-prep as well - types of questions, etc. Lots of great ideas on this site!