Volkswagen commercial

6th period


A kid dressed as darth Vader tries to use the force. He tries to move random stuff like a baby doll, a dog, etc. Then he get mad. When his dad comes home he tries to use the force on his dad's car and the headlights come on, because his dad uses the car remote.


The commercial was testimaonial persuasive text. Also it was the red herring approach. Testimonials is when a important or famous person indorses a product. Red herring is using a distraction to convince the audience.


It might have made other people by it, but we don't think it works.

The effects

We don't think that it made people by the car. We don't think that because it is to big and nobody wants to waste money on a car that they don't really need. Some people may buy everything they see on T.V., but we don't.And we also don't want to buy the car cause they didn't show other things about it and most of it was about a little boy.