Spanish society in the 19th century

Economic and tranformations

Economy and indrustrialisation

the industrian revolution was late and slow and only arrived in places like in basque country and catalonia and large cities.

Most of the population still worked with underdeveloped.


The bourgioise became rich thanks to the arrivalof liberl ideas.Also became dominant social classes.

The industrial Revolution brougth serious social problems.Child explotation in factories.In rural areas,peasants also lived in extreme poverty.Were the reason for the political demands.

Art and culture

the majority of the population was illiterate.

ROMANTICISM:star at the beggining of the century,revolutionary atmosphere.

REALISM:in the middele of the century,writers and painters decided to show the most disadvantganted aspetcs of the industrial society.

IMPRESSIONISM:at the end of the century,painters were influenced by techonological advances reflect this on their work.

GENERATION OF 98":called modernation of the country.

SCIENTEFIC ADVANCES:several researches achivied scientific advances.