A Cell is Like a School

Analogy between Schools and Cells By: Eric Marcanello

Nucleus - Principle

The Nucleus is like the Principle because he's in charge of what goes on in the school.

Vice Principle - Ribosomes

Ribosomes are like the Vice Principle because he takes orders from the Principle and helps run the school.

Endoplasmic Reticulum - Classroom

The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a classroom because it's where most of the work gets accomplished.

Golgi Apparatus - Teacher

The Golgi Apparatus is like the Teacher because it helps the students in the Classroom (endoplasmic reticulum) get their work done.

Lysosomes - Janitor

The Lysosomes are like the Janitors of the school because they help dispose of the trash in the school.

Nuclear Envelope - Main Office

The Nuclear Envelope is like the Main Office because it allows students and other materials in and out of the school.

Cytoskeleton - Student

The Cytoskeleton is like the Student because they are responsible for keeping their school in shape.

Vacuoles - Cabinets / Desk Drawers

The Vacuoles are like the Cabinets because they store supplies inside them.

Mitochondria - Cafeteria

The Mitochondria is like the Cafeteria because they supply food to the other workers.