Planet Earth's Travel Guide

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About Earth

Welcome to Earth. This is an amazing planet with mountains, oceans, deserts,and so many other amazing physical features and a wide variety of plant and animal life. So take a trip it'll be worth it!

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is a large desert located in Africa. To start, you should know the challenges and opportunities of this place. CHALLENGES: There isn't much water so make sure to bring lots of your own. It's very, very hot here. There are some potentially dangerous animals and plants. OPPORTUNITIES: Tourism is a big thing. The plant and animal species in this desert are beautiful and its a once in a lifetime thing to see. TRAVEL TIPS: You should get a tour guide to decrease the odds of getting lost. Go between dusk and dawn because its cooler and safer to travel.Watch out for spiders, scorpions, wild dogs and snakes, because these creatures can be threat.Be sure to bring your camera, its gorgeous here. PACKING LIST: Water, sleeping bag (if you are camping),shorts, tank-top or t-shirt, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and camera.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rain forest is an amazing place with plants, animals and native people. So read on to learn more.CHALLENGES: The natives are very protective of the animals, plants, and the land its self. There are some deadly plants and animals. There is no place to really live in the Amazon. OPPORTUNITIES:Tourism, plants with medicinal qualities,beautiful plants, animals, and scenery. TIPS: beware of poisonous bugs and snakes.Watch out for big cats. Get a tour guide to help you stay safe and enjoy your trip.Bring a camera, the whole place is absolutely beautiful. PACKING LIST: Proper clothing, its hot but you still need protection. Hat with mosquito netting, bug spray, binoculars, camera, walking stick, compass.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a great place to visit. Between the view and the scenery there's something for everyone. CHALLENGES: Some animals are dangerous to humans. Its very hot and dry. OPPORTUNITIES: Tourism. Beautiful scenery and views. Recreation. TIPS: Bring sunscreen. Bring water and some snacks. You can get a tour guide if you would like. Bring a camera.

PACKING LIST: Hat, sunscreen, water, binoculars, walking stick,camera, compass, map, hiking boots

Extra Information


The world is divided into six land mass called continents. The Earth can be divided into 24 time zones, so be careful when traveling long distances. In addition the Earth can be divided into hemispheres. Some places to visit are Egypt (Africa), Phoenix, Arizona (United States), and Brazil(South America).
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