Salt in the wound

victorian desalination plant

The facts

The Victorian Desalination Plant, located on the Bass Coast, is a rainfall independent source of water capable of supplying up to 150 billion litres a year. the plants water quality is very high and matches melbournes supplies. The plant uses the most energy-efficient method of desalinating water. The world class design includes Australia’s largest living green roof and a 225 hectare revegetated coastal park for public use. The plant’s key components have a 100 year life, and the plant will be handed back to the state in working order at the end of AquaSure’s 30-year contract.

Economic benefits

  • up to 4750 full-time equivalent jobs during construction.
  • 150 full-time equivalent jobs during operation.
  • $1 billion economic boost to Victoria during construction.
  • Increased spending in local areas by the construction workforce.
  • The State Government committed $12 million to upgrade key roads and intersections in Wonthaggi as part of the Victorian Desalination Project.
  • A $5 million pipeline will connect Wonthaggi, Inverloch and Cape Patterson to the desalination plant, securing the long-term water future of the region.
  • Economic concerns

    The costly price of the overall project.

    The energy waisted and heat produced in the using of electricity.

    Problems like rust could come up overtime on pipes underground.

    Increased salt levels will be made resulting in the left over salt being put out into the ocean.

    several protected species could be affected by the plant's construction and operation – including the orange-bellied parrot, the growling grass frog and the giant Gippsland earthworm

    The Economic decision

    In June 2007, the Victorian Government released Our Water Our Future: The Next Stage of the Government's Water Plan. As part of this Plan, the Victorian Government announced on 19 June 2007 its intention to develop a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant on the coast near Wonthaggi to augment Melbourne's water supply, as well as other regional supply systems. much of the Victorian Government would of been involved in the dicision of the Desalination Plant and ideas brought up would of been the environmental advantages and disadvantages.