this is a pretty cool subject that I deeply suggest that all of you go outside right now and play. It releases a certain gas called endorphin when you exercise and it makes you happy. I want the world to be happy. And if you are alone in your room texting your mom about how you are depressed all day then that wont happen. It's sad to think some people eat so much they cant move and do things normal people can do, like walk or run. If everybody just went outside and played one game of basketball every day. Our country would be united better and stronger. I know multiple people who are physically over weight and they hate themselves for it. SO RIGHT NOW, BE ACTIVE!!!
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This project took me exactly 1 hour, 12 min, and 22 sec. that time period is probably inaccurate but that's not the point. I want to explain why exercising is important.

You will feel good. You will not be embarrassed at social gatherings. You can be a role model. And people will wanna be you. You will get big muscles like Brayden Giles. Your chance of heart failure and other diseases will greatly decrease.

You have greater chance to have heart failure when you are just sitting around. Only 1:3 people are physically fit. And only 3:7 people do regular exercise. You will watch people being strong and you will be jealous. Then you will have a sad life wanting to be someone else.