Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh


The Vietnam War lasted between 1955-1975 (20 years). During this time period, Ho Chi Minh was one of the biggest targets for the United States and but also one of the most respected figures of North Vietnam.

According to the History Learning Site’s article "Ho Chi Minh," when the war between America and Vietnam began, Ho Chi Minh became the leader of North Vietnam. Minh and his father shared the same views of Vietnam which were that, "Vietnam had a right to govern itself free to colonial rule." Minh changed his views to communism after reading Karl Marx's work. Minh had created the Vietminh, which is a Vietnamese communist-led organization whose forces fought against the Japanese. However, the Vietminh was not ready to free Vietnam from the French rule.

Ho Chi wanted both North and South Vietnam to be united. He knew that his people were with him on the communist views and they were loyal to him even after all the bombings America had dropped. In spite of the bombings, he was still able to remain control of the North. According to Vietnam War Fast Facts published by CNN, North Vietnam was communist, unlike South Vietnam. As stated before, Minh wanted both the North and South to be united together, however, the South didn't want that since they wanted to form a capitalist democracy. The North and South then started to fight against one another. The USA helped South Vietnam and trained their military. After years of war, however, South Vietnam eventually surrendered to the North and the war ended in Vietnam.

Was Ho Chi Minh a good or bad leader?

Ho Chi Minh was not a good leader, however, to this day, Vietnamese students praise Ho Chi Minh. They refer to him as "Uncle Ho" because it gives the expression of a kind and respectful man but it contradicts his dictatorship during the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War, thousands of civilians and soldiers die when they were under the dictatorship of Ho Chi Minh. However, citizens were blinded by the truth because Ho Chi Minh would make himself seem like a good person even though he wasn't. Ho once stated, "All men are created equal; they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." This can be shown as an ironic statement because according to, after "Ho became president of North Vietnam, an estimate 50,00 North Vietnam citizens lost their lives, between 500,00 and 100,000 were imprisoned, and freedom of speech was restricted (Ho Chi Minh)."


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