The Inside in Greenwich Village Apartments By Dylan Lambeth

Wife is murdered

After Thorwald kills his wife he makes repeated late-night trips carrying his sample case. Then jeff tells me that he noticed that Thorwalds wife is gone and jeff sees him cleaning a large knife and handsaw to which. Then the next day jeff sees the dog dig in the garden he doesnt think anything of it at first but after the dog ends up dead he quickly makes the connection. Lars volunteered to go and dig in the garden to see what was down there but it wass empty. Thorwald then figures out it was Jeff and gets to him and trys to kill Jeff by throwing him out the window into the courtyard. This is when the police finally showed up and arrested him he confessed to the murder of his late wife mrs. Thorwald.


1) Imagine you walk into work and on the first day of work youre getting a tour of the office building and you notice that only men work here

2) Men are expected to work outside the house while women are expected to cook and clean the house.