Avid Fall Exam

Abigail Daniels

How did I grow as a student this semester?

I learned how to study and take notes better. I also found better colleges to go to since i want to be a lawyer when i grow up. Most importantly i don't complain on how much work i have to do , because i know it will benefit me in the future.


How has organization helped me?

Even though organization takes a lot of work it makes my life easier. Like when I need to find notes or a graded paper I have separate dividers to do that. Or when I'm looking for something in my binder


How has community service helped me???

It has made me experience new things. Also now that i have helped the homeless I try not to take things for granted. I now value the things i have and the things that God gave me


Has Tutorials helped me in school??

Yes and no because there are times that I Don't need tutorials and there are times that i do. Like when i'm struggling in math doing tutorials helps. Also when I don't need it I enjoy helping other people that do.


Has Public speaking helped me this semester?

Not really because I like speaking in a small group of people not a lot. Even though I have to eventually get over my fear of public speaking this was kinda a good start.I enjoyed it sometimes.


How has cornell notes helped me?

It has helped me be more organized with how I take my notes. I highlight things more and when there needed. I also circle the vocabulary words more.


How has school involvement helped me?

It has helped me become more of a leader. When we do things to help around the school it makes people appreciate us more. Even though AVID isn't easy ,, it's been a good learning experience.