By Carl Hiaasen 263 pgs

A Brief Summary

Flush is about a not so normal family who lives in the keys down in Florida. Paine Underwood is a fishing guide who is very caring about nature, and he believes someone is dumping sewage into the ocean. When he sinks the ship he goes to jail, and his children Noah, and Abbey want to foil the sewage dumpers plans. When Paine refuses to leave jail, The children s mother secretly is trying to devourse. the kids team up with their friend Shelly to ruin the sewage dumpers plans, save the ocean, and win their family back!

What Point of view?

There is a first person point of view in this book coming from Noah's point of view


The theme for Flush is to not give up on what you believe. When Noah's dad gets put in jail, he doesn't give up on showing that the coral queen is dumping sewage into the ocean

Connection To The Theme

In my life I usually feel like giving up on things like when I am drawing and make a mistake I just give up. Another thing is that on flappy birds when I die I give up on the game and never play it for the rest of the day. Now after reading this book it inspired me to not give up so easily and it makes me want to keep drawing or playing. This is a great trait to have and I am glad i now now have this trait and wont be so restless. I now will also be able to be a greater person and live a great life with many friends