The Pro Throw

By: Evan Joseph, Ryan Howe, and Oliver Randall


Many children are unable to use proper throwing techniques to allow them to throw a ball further, and more accurately. Our groups solution would hopefully reduce obesity after the consumer gains the necessary throwing skills needed to play football.

Initial Research:

We started by researching statistics about kids activity in sports and obesity rates. The first source we viewed was from Aspen Institute which told us some good facts about the benefits of sports and how obesity rates have gone up. Next we looked at a source from the Huffington Post which told us about how obesity rates have increased from 1999-2000 to 2012. This source displays that children are not getting outside and that it's leading to obesity. The final source that was found was from the World Health Organization which is about the increase in child obesity rates and shows the consequences that you may face in obesity.

Driving Question:

Is it possible to create a mechanical device that helps 5 to 10 year old children learn to accurately throw a football?

What We're Making

We are making the "Pro Throw" (a brace-like tool to be put on the arm to help learn through muscle memory) to help kids of all ages, mainly targeting 5-10 year old children to learn how to throw a football on their own. This device will help them throw the football with better form to throw further and more accurately without hurting their arm. We will be drawing a sketch of the product due to complications of the cost to build the actual product. From there, one day we may be able to create this "Pro-Throw" and theoretically solve the many problems in the world listed above.


  • If we can create the "Pro Throw", then it will not only help people with throwing mechanics but will also decrease obesity rates and get more kids active.
  • If we can get kids to perform certain sport tasks then obesity rates should lower.
  • If kids have the goal to learn a sport then obesity would decrease.


We predict that if we create the "Pro Throw", it would help decrease obesity rates, get kids to be more active, help children's social stigma, and possibly help in the field of physical/occupational therapy.


  • Get kids to be active
  • Help social stigma/ostracized children
  • Reduce obesity
  • Make an effective tool for physical therapy/occupational therapy


In order to see if this problem is occurring in our own school we will test multiple kids to see if they can throw a football correctly. We will also ask kids if they can throw a football and see how socially accepted they think of themselves after answering the question. We will be recording data at all times by marking whether each test subject can throw a football correctly. We will then find percentages on our data. When we test the social stigma part, we will mark whether the questioned person seemed awkward about it or totally confident.


Through our survey below of what people imagine that they can or can't throw a football, we have found that most people can not throw a football in correct form, and therefore are inaccurate. This further proves the need of the "Pro-Throw" in the community so that children can in fact learn how to throw a football correctly, which may have even greater effects in those children's future.
Big image

Tom Brady Good Throwing Mechanics

Tom Brady, NFL Quarterback and arguably the best of all time, has great throwing mechanics. After being the 199th draft pick Brady has shined from the first opportunity he got. He steps into the throw right, has great balance, and keeps a closed shoulder allowing him to be one of the greatest of all-time.
Tom Brady Throwing Technique

Tim Tebow Bad Throwing mechanics

Tim Tebow, former NFL Quarterback, has questionable throwing mechanics according to many sport professionals and broadcasters. After leaving the Broncos when Peyton Manning replaced him, he has been cut from every other NFL team. He doesn't step into the throw right, his balance is not good, and his shoulder is opened up giving him bad throwing mechanics.
Tim Tebow BAD Slow Motion Quarterback Throwing Mechanics Passing - Gators Jets Broncos NFL