3rd Grade

News and Notes

Happy 100th Day!

On January 27, we celebrated the 100th day of school this year. We each did 100 exercises, created pictures (shown here) from the number 100, and as a class wrote 100 questions we have about our world--What is the oldest living creature? What is the largest insect? How deep is the water on earth? What is the biggest island? These are a few of the questions we have. If you are wondering what else 3rd graders wonder about, we have the whole list posted in the back of our room. We shouldn't run out of things to research for a while!

Valentine Party

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 12:30pm

405 Ingalls Avenue Southwest

De Smet, SD

Time is tentative.

Valentines can be brought any time next week. Be mindful of PEANUTS, PEANUT, BUTTER, TREE NUT, WATERMELON, FISH allergens.


We have been enjoying some terrific snacks! If you haven't added to our class supply lately, now would be a good time as the supply is dwindling. Boxes of cereal, graham crackers or other kinds of crackers all work well and last for a several days. Just be mindful of allergies--if you're not sure, please ask to be on the safe side.

Reading Plus

Reading plus is the online reading program we have been using this year. We do some reading plus during school, but it is also designed to be worked on outside of the school day. Complete 3 SeeReaders with 80% or better each week outside of school and earn a ticket to Mrs. Abi's Game hour! You can even come before school or stay after to work on this.

Folk Tale Summaries

After Christmas break we read a variety of folk tales. We compared different versions of the same folk tale and worked on summarizing stories. How wonderful it was to see the different ways students presented their story summaries! Some wrote summaries from a character's point of view, some made puppets, some even brought props such as stuffed animals and characters made from Lego's to act out the stories.

Where do we come from?

We have been learning about the history of the United States in Social Studies. It's a quick overview of the westward movement such as Lewis and Clark and the Transcontinental Railroad. We talk about why people moved to settle in different areas. Included in this is learning about how people from other countries came here, many through Ellis Island. We thought it would be interesting to learn about where our families came from, so we interviewed someone in our families to learn about that.

What fascinating discussions this started! We learned about family traditions and how life for families has changed. We asked a question about what world events the person remembered. This sparked the most questions and conversation--What was the Great Depression? Why did they bomb Pearl Harbor and where is it? Why were we in a Korean War? Where is Vietnam? What were the Apollo missions? Who is JFK? Who is Princess Dianna? Who is Nelson Mandela --Just of few of the topics that we discussed. I had to brush up on my history a bit!

We also posted a sticky note on a world map for each place we were from. See the map below. Be sure to ask your third grader to tell you some things about the map and some of the things they learned either from their interview or someone else's.


Big image

Mighty Multiplication and Dynamite Division!

One of the exciting things about third grade math is learning to use the multiplication sign. Students come in having some background of counting in equal groups, but for many it is the first time that we refer to this as multiplication. We also start working with division situations and facts.

The goal for third grade is to master multiplication products with single-digit factors (up to 9x9). By mastery, students should know the math fact fairly quickly. This is not necessarily memory, although by the end of the year many will have most of the facts committed to memory. They may need to so a bit of counting or addition to figure out the fact, but they should be able to say the answer in about 5 seconds. When practicing, please give them time to solve the problem so that they can learn the facts with understanding.

Your child should have brought home array cards, multiplication cards, and a couple activities to use for practice. If you need another set, please let me know. We do practice in school, but students also need to practice at home.

For online multiplication practice, go to the class website and look under the math tab: th022.k12.sd.us

New Chairs

Through Donors Choose, I was able to get four new chairs for alternate seating in our room. They are light-weight with a rounded base. This allows for a little 'wiggle' room while seated and are also easy to move around when working in small groups.