Vehicle Emissions and our Health

By: Luke Bear

What Does it do to us?

Pollution exposures related to roadway traffic including higher rates of asthma onset and aggravation, cardiovascular disease, impaired lung development in children, pre-term and low-birth weight infants, childhood leukemia, and premature death. Most of these cases are diagnosed in areas near big roadways were there is the most unclean traffic during day and night.
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How does this look in our world today?

Today in places like China and Japan there are so many cars that smog has been produced, and this makes their cities look like wastelands. The smog also can prevent people from going outside and then that will make the people that live there not be able to do what they want to. Then all they will do is sit on the couch all day and get obese because they drove their car too much.

What we can do to Prevent it

For example if you live near your school but your parents drive you there everyday anyway how about you ride your bike or walk there instead, it doesn't have to be everyday but you could try at least a few days a week. Or if you drive to work every morning then try using the bus system. Also if your looking for a new car try out an electric one instead of a gasoline powered one.