come and see the coral Reefs

where is the Reef.

There are many different types of coral Reefs,but one of the best Reefs there is the great barrier reef. It is one of the biggest Reef in the work and it is in a tropical location so when you get done look at the coral reef you can step out of the water and get a nice tan, make sure you wear sun screen. The great barrier Reef is in Australia so there are plenty of other thing to do.
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what is like there

With loads of sunshine, warm seas, refreshing sea breezes and a warm climate all year round, Tropical North Queensland weather is hard to beat.

The region has two distinct seasons; a winter period of warm temperatures and low rainfall, and a summer period of balmy temperatures and higher rainfall.

what will you see there

when you go down to look at the reef you will a large variety of fish and coral. The great reef is a little of the cost of the Queensland and you might have an option of snorkeling or scuba diving. The will me many hill of coral fields. then there will be many different types of terrain there and there might something that no one has ever seen before.

last little details

  • there and not a lot of wave in the reef.
  • some of the many coral and plant are made into meds
  • you can NOT put your feet down.
  • if you want to learn more go to great barrier reef .com