Groundhog Gazette

April 2021

From The Desk Of Mrs. Uhlorn

Happy Spring Families!

Welcome to the fourth and final quarter. Can you believe this time last year we were shutdown for the year, and what a whirlwind it has been. I am so thankful we have made it this far and am hopeful we will return to some sense of normalcy by Fall of 2021.


With that being said, we are quickly approaching our annual state mandated standardized testing, also known as the ISAT. Last year we did not conduct this testing due to the shutdown, so our students may feel overwhelmed, and that is normal and we will respond accordingly. I have asked teachers to communicate their testing schedules with you directly through their weekly newsletters. Please consider the testing schedule when you are making appointments for your children, as it is difficult to find times to makeup the test during the short testing window. A friendly reminder that research shows a a high protein breakfast in the morning enhances a student's ability to attend to tasks for a longer period of time. Additionally, our students do much better if they have had 8 hours of sleep a night during the week of testing. This is crucial for your child to do their best, release testing anxiety, and attend to the demands of school. Your children have been working hard this year - especially with the ups and downs of virtual and hybrid learning. We want them to be able to be able to demonstrate their knowledge and hard work they have put in during this unprecedented year.


I will be meeting with grade levels during April to determine class placements for next year. If you have not, please fill out the form linked here regarding wishes for your child. They are due back to me Monday, April 5th. Please do not request teachers by name. A few reasons why are our teachers do an excellent job of taking their time to be thoughtful about placements; and we do have movement next year and will be losing three teachers, the teacher you want to request may not be here for us to place your child into their classroom.


If you are a parent of a fifth grader and want to open enroll your child at West Jr. High, applications are due May15, 2021. I know it seems early, however, due to high demand and few spaces, your application is due two years in advance. If you need an OE form, it is linked here.

With all of this being said, I am looking forward to the spring weather and last quarter with your children. They are such a delight and bring so much joy to our lives. I am hopeful that this quarter will bring some fun memories as we begin transitioning into the summer months. Do not hesitate to email or call if you have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to work through anything with you.


Valerie Uhlorn