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Travis Yehle

Where did Amazon come from?

Amazon was founded on July 5th 1994 in Bellevue, Washington by Jeff Bezos who is also the current CEO. Amazon's headquarters location is 440 Terry Avenue North Seattle, WA.

What Amazon is used for?

Amazon is the largest online retail store in the USA. You can almost buy anything on Amazon considering People and Companies sign up on Amazon to sell their products, Just like people sign up on Amazon to buy stuff. It's a great idea using Amazon because of its mass selection of things you can buy such as: Phones, Computers, iPads, iPods, Video Games, Vinyl, Movies, Phone Cases, Posters, Art, Etc.....

How Does Amazon make its money?

Amazon makes its money from many things. When you sign up to sell stuff on Amazon you have to pay Amazon $39.99 a month. If sign up for Amazon Prime you pay $99 a year but you save more on products and many other features. Amazon also owns a ton of websites and makes money off of them.

Why Do People Keep Coming back to Amazon?

It is easy to see why people would keep coming back. I mean you can always ship things back within 30 days of its arrival. Amazon will probably have what you are looking for if you can't find it in stores. Amazon's website is user friendly, has a nice layout, and has quality costumer service.
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Other Companies Marketing?

Other Companies market on Amazon buy selling their products.