E-Readers- An Emerging Technology

Encourage your students reading!

E-Readers come in many different formats, Ipad, Nook, Kindle, tablets and even on the computer. Apps are available for student phones that allow reading or audiobooks.

The readers can change, and are constantly being updated so that some now include photo libraries and note taking. OverDrive is a program that allows students to read books from public libraries. Once you have connected to your local library, you use your library card number to download or read on-line the book of your choice. No more overdue fines- books are returned automatically when your loan period is up.

Benefits of an e-reader to the student.

  1. No one knows what you are reading and what level it is.
  2. You can change font size as needed.
  3. Lighting can be adjusted to the reader's liking.
  4. Readers can take notes and look up words in the dictionary right on the device.
  5. You can read e-books directly onto your computer screen.
  6. Books don't seem as thick and therefore may not be as overwhelming to a struggling reader.
  7. Bookmarks allow readers to highlight vocabulary or other sections of interest.

Mrs. Elizabeth Winningham

Librarian/ Teacher

Avon Middle School South

(Tuesday AM, Wednesday- Friday)

Avon Intermediate School West

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