6th Grade Lineville Technology

By: Abbey Leitner

Welcome to 6th grade technology!

Why hello there! So you wanna know About 6th grade technology at Lineville? Well ill tell you all about it! Enjoy! (:

Coding Unit

Hello. The first unit in technology is coding! Dont know what coding means? Coding means science with computers. Its a website called Code.org. You use computer science to make a character move, fill or dump holes in the ground, or create a nice design with the pencil character. When you do coding, you do the advanced course. ( its really not advanced at all ) and you walk a few videos about how to do it.
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ITrailer Unit

Hello again! The next unit you do is ITrailer with IMovie! IMovie is a app where u can make movies or movie trailers. You have to make a itrailer in this unit though. You pick how you want it cause there is diffrent types of fonts and coices to chose from. Next you pretend to make a trailer for you blockbuster movie! It can be about anything you want. ( Not anything innapropriate though, it has to be school appropriate. ) I did mine on a superhero cat and i was the bad guy. But when you make the itrailer it should be funny and not boring cause who wants to watch a boring movie?

Learn to type

Hello once again! The next unit is Learn to Type. This is the unit you do 3rd, and 4th semestier durig the year. Learn to type is to help you improve your typing skills! There is a simple, intermediate, advanced, and practice courses. But when your in 6th grade you have to do the intermediate and Advanced course. Its really simple and pretty fun to do as a warmup every time I have technology!

Explain Everything

Hello glad to see you back! This unit is called "Explain Everything." In this unit you pick a math problem to do from Schoology. It can be easy or hard you an pick what level of hardness you want. Then you explain how to do it. YOu cant write anything out though unless your doing the problem but thats because sometimes you cant understand what they wrote. After you do everything you have to record your voice explaining it also then submit it to schoology.
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Haiku Deck

Hello! This unit is called "Haiku Deck." In this unit you make a presentation about your dream job by reserching what you do, whats the pay, the hours of a certain state, and more. Then you have to present it to the class and explain it. You dont have to say everything you wrote on one slide though because you just have to say the most important thing.
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Carrer Locker with Mrs. VandenBoogaard

Hello! In this unit you had to make a account to carrer locker! Carrer locker helps chose what you want to be when you grow up. It tells you all about the collages around the United States and the entire world! Then you can pick what job you want and it names every job out there. You take quizzes about how you are like and do activitys.
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