A Trip To India

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India is a large country with the second biggest population in the world and many different languages, cultures, religions, and climates
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Indian Flag ( above )

The People of India

-When Indian people greet each other they place their hands together and say "Namaste". This means "I bow my head to you". older people are treated with great respect in India. When greeting and elder, some Indians may touch their feet as a sign of respect.
-Some people are very wealthy and others are very poor. Most live modestly in large cities.
- Religion is very important in the culture of India. most people are Hindu or Muslim, but Christianity and Sikkhism, and Buddhism, and other religions are practiced.
-Clothing in India varies by area. Most women wear a sari made of colorful silk or cotton. A sari is a long piece of material that is draped around the body like a dress. Many men wear a dhoti. A dhoti is a white piece of cloth wrapped around the hips and pulled through the legs. Not all people dress traditionally in India, but the clothing is always loose due to the heat.
-Most children in India attend school. Some schools are modern and have books and computers. In poor areas or in remote areas, there can be 40-60 students in one classroom with little or no supplies. Most schools teach in English because there are too many regional languages.

Some of India's beauty

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