Balance Of Power


Size of China's Area

The size of China's area is 9,596,961 sq km, and it is the world's fourth largest country. Size of a country's area is important to the power of a nation because the bigger the area, the more the natural resources. Countries with lots of natural resources are usually more powerful.

Population of China

China has about 1,355,692,576 people. It's important to power because large population is good in many ways. It gives more availability of more labour which is cheaper than using machines. The government can receive more taxes from more people and can establish better school and other public places. It can also provide increased demand for goods and services and ready market and can increase the economy.

China's Education and Unity

Average people of age 15 and over can read and write. This is important to a power of nation because if there's a lot of smart people, then they can have better weapons to have power. It can also invent many great inventions which could really useful for the nation. Unity is also very important because if they don't cooperate when it comes to hard situations, they are going to fall in pieces.

China's Armed Forces

China has one of the strongest and biggest army. 1.483 million personnel divided into 18 different corps. It is important to a power of nation because they can protect the nation and the people. It can fight foreign countries. It can also prevent war because it can scare people away.

China's Physical Features

China's physical features are mostly mountains, high plateaus, deserts in west, plains, deltas, and hills east. This is important because this provide natural resources that are helpful to many people and protecting themselves. Some physical features make it hard for other countries to invade the nation.

China's Economy

Average Chinese earns $9,800 annually. Economy is important to a power of nation because it shows how rich they are. Also, the economy decided how much tax they pay and more tax can give better equipment to the army. Better economy can get the nation many inventions too.